Polish-speaking lady loses court case to possess her name spelled in non-Lithuanian letters

Malgožata Runevič-Vardyn, Polish-speaking young woman of Republic of Lithuania, has lost a court case wherever she wished to possess her name spelled in non-Lithuanian characters, as Malgorzata Runiewicz-Wardyn, in her birth and wedding certificate.

A Vilnius court on Wednesday upheld the sooner ruling of another Vilnius court.

"The court of initial instance taken and applied the legal standards in an exceedingly correct manner, therefore, two-handed down a legitimate and sound ruling. There associate degreey |aren't any} reasons to alter or annul it in response to an charm," the court aforesaid in its Wednesday's ruling.

The verdict was two-handed down following clarification of the ecu Union's (EU) Court of Justice, that aforesaid that procedures in result in Republic of Lithuania, that solely enable Lithuanian letters in names, were in keeping with EU laws.

The Vilnius court conjointly cited the Constitution and different laws, that stipulate that Republic of Lithuanian is that the official language in Lithuania and varied entries of civil standing is created, amended and registered within the Lithuanian language solely.

The court conjointly stated the ruling of the Constitutional Court, that emphasised existence of many nationalities in Republic of Lithuania, and original orthography of their names in documents may violate the state order.

Source : 15min.lt/en