A brief glance into Lithuanian business environment

The business environment composes one of the main items of the state’s competitiveness among the other world countries. The right and suitable business environment has a huge impact on the any country’s appropriate attraction of investments that increase internal welfare growth and an export possibilities.

Companies that doing business in Lithuania mostly are small and medium sized. The manual issues (year books) on Lithuania’s economic development constantly underline that to no any industry sector has been given special priority. However, strategic decision accepted by Government is to promote innovations in different branches of economics as well as investments in informational technologies and industries that enable to create high added value.

Lithuania is also known for high developed bio-technologies and laser production, for a modern furniture industry, electrical appliances and equipment, metalworking, shipbuilding, textile production and food industry. There is a well developed national land transport infrastructure with modern highways and railways, is operating one seaport in Klaipeda and airports in two biggest one cities Vilnius and Kaunas and in a Baltic resort Palanga.

Economy of Lithuania long time was dependent on supplied gas from Russia, but now beside the Klaipeda seaport operates a mobile gas platform that ensure gas supply to Lithuania.