Business as the EU and member states’ agenda

The EU authorities are trying to attract member states’ attention to the SMEs activity. Recent “action plan” shows some progress in doing business. SMEs play a decisive role in the European economy’s competitiveness and dynamic. To help them realise their growth potential, the EU is working towards promoting entrepreneurship and creating a friendlier business environment for SMEs.

The Commission’s ‘EU- 2020’ Strategy  calls for improvement of the business environment in Europe. EU company law and corporate governance rules for companies, investors and employees must be adapted to the needs of today’s society and to the changing economic environment. Companies are going to be competitive and sustainable through European company law and corporate governance.

 With its Green Paper in 2011 on EU corporate governance , the Commission initiated an in-depth reflection to evaluate the effectiveness of the current corporate governance rules for European companies. It also carried out an on-line public consultation on the future of European company law, which generated a large number of responses by a wide variety of stakeholders.