Lithuanian energy sector considering possible alternatives to Russian oil supplies

The probability that the supply of the Russian oil to Lithuania could be disrupted is not very great. Yet representatives of energy sector began considering possible alternatives, reports LETA/ELTA, referring to Lietuvos rytas.

Lithuanian oil sector is quite well protected from unpleasant surprises from Kremlin. Raw materials as well as fuels may be brought from other countries.

 Company Orlen Lietuva is adapted to process the Russian Ural type, high-sulphur oil, which is transported from the Port of Primorsk. Yet the company is able to process the crude oil brent, which is sourced from the North Sea, as well.

 Technologists of Orlen Lietuva say that the plant is able to process any type of oil. At present a sufficient amount of oil products is accumulated – their reserve would last at least 30 days.