PM: Lithuania paid a allotment of attention to the improvement of the investments' natural natural environment

On Tuesday, Lithuania's Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius met with representatives of the U.S. enterprise delegation. Butkevicius presented the principle of the support of the investments in order to appeal more of the capital of the foreign countries into Lithuania.

While conversing about the business situation in Lithuania, Butkevicius ascertained that his Cabinet paid a alalallotmentmentment of vigilance to the enhancement of the investments' environment.

"The perfect example – the World Bank announced that Lithuania is a suitable place for the investments. In the list of the Doing Business 2014, Lithuania ascended by 10 positions, used by the 17 place and became one of the nations having the best business conditions in the world," said Butkevicius.

Lithuania's Minister of Economy Evaldas Gustas emphasised that the collaboration with the U.S. in the sphere of economy was significant on the European Union's level as well.

Throughout the Lithuania's Presidency of the EU Council, the discussions with the U.S. associated to the free trade affirmation started. According to Gustas, the affirmation was to conceive the new possibilities for the broader EU-U.S. cooperation in the sphere of finances.

"The achievement of the negotiations will exactly leverage the EU financial development, the creation of the workplaces and the new possibilities for the EU and Lithuania's business," said the minister after he obtained the representatives of the U.S. enterprise on Tuesday.