Worldwide individual investment invests more than one million euro in Lithuania

In Q3 2013, the revenue of the UK business ‘International Personal Finance’, which established the business ‘Provident Finansai’ in Lithuania, has expanded by 19 per cent and now reaches EUR 38.2 million.

The earnings has boost by 11 per cent, as compared to the identical time span in 2013.

The investments of the company in Lithuania made up LTL 3.66 million (EUR 1 million) in Q3.

“We have made good advancement in the quarter with our expansion into Lithuania and Bulgaria and the further roll out of longer period borrowings and preferential pricing for our best customers. Our Q3 swapping presentation was powerful with increased income development and we passedthe2.5 million clientele assess. We are well placed to accomplish a good full year performance in 2013,” said head boss Officer Gerard Ryan.