Lithuania's net portfolio investment outflows exceed 5 bln litas in December

The recorded net portfolio investment outflows of Lithuania amounted to respectively 603.9 million litas and 5.1 billion litas in December and January–December 2013, the Bank of Lithuania's Statistics Department said in a statement.

The outflow of these investments was due to the increased investment in non-resident debt securities and a decline in general government liabilities to non-residents who invested in debt securities.

 In December 2012, the recorded net portfolio investment outflows amounted to 23 million litas, while in January-December – 3.2 billion litas inflows.

 In December, the net 332.9 million litas outflows of other investment and financial derivatives was driven by an increase in general government foreign assets, while in January-December the recorded 2.2 billion litas outflow was due to decreased liabilities to non-residents and increased investment abroad of the general government.