IT destiny in 2012

Information technology has developed a lot and it has become an integral part of important business processes. That is why, leaders of organizations and specialists are wondering, what is the future of IT in 2012? Here are the forecasts of IT specialists in 2012.

Focus on mobility

In one of the world‘s leading information technology research and advisory company „Gartner“ analysts‘ view, many companies will be challenged on suitable sensitive data and information management and governance. Due to accelerating business processes, some companies simply could not stand the competitive struggle. Usually, companies collect and store historical data that is analysed. After that, crucial decisions are made. Nevertheless, it is not enough. The „Real Time“ data analysis importance will grow as well as split-decision making that will increase company‘s productivity, profitability and efficiency. The companies that will not be able to adapt to changing business processing, presumably, will give up, say IT specialists.

„Gartner“ predicts that the importance of mobility will increase. That forecast covers a wide spectrum of people. From ordinary users who own mobile devices and will be able to pay for various goods to the business segment that is eager to reach a worldwide business pace. Such the prediction supports the international IT company „DPA Lietuva“ CEO Laurynas Truncė. He claims that IT changed the concept of work culture as well as the traditional approac towards workplace.

„Today company‘s competitive advantage is increasingly dependent on the mobile and quickly respond to changing business environment. Freedom to work anywhere, anytime, using available technologies is

becoming increasingly important. It is evident that corporate employees constantly travel, so their effectiveness often depends on access to work and obtaining information out of the office., -says the „DPA Lietuva“ CEO. According to IT expert, the employees now realize how important is to be available, despite the distance. For this reason, they will have a wide range of tools like laptops, tablet computers or mobile phones. According to „Gartner“ analysts, no one platform or technology will have a dominant advantage. As a consequence, the employees will have to learn to work wih multiple mobile devices and IT specialists will have to manage these processes.

„Garntner adds that in 2012 users will have an opportunity to download more mobile programmes and applications. Currently, „Apple“ and „Android“ are offering to their customers to download more than several hundreds of thousands of different widgets and applications. Meanwhile, „Gartner“ experts predict that by 2014 more than 70 billion applications will be downloaded per year. Such phenomenon will lead to disappearance of several significant leaders. Moreover, not only ordinary consumers but also businessmen will pay attention to that unique phenomenon.