Vilnius has the fastest Internet in the world

“Skynet” Network Operations Center Deputy Vladimir Kiseliov said that the current record of the Internet speed has been achieved with the help of high quality equipment, which was chosen in the right time and utilised professionally.

"While creating and updating the “Skynet” network, we choose the advanced Cisco Systems equipment to guarantee quality service and offer increasing internet speed. And to "adopt" such speed, it is enough to have a gigabit network card and not older than two or three years computer "- said the company representative.

The Internet speed of 1 Gb / s was tested in the very beginning of this year by the residents of Vilnius who already experienced and positively evaluated the new opportunities. However, not only the speed of the Internet is important, but availability of IPv4 addresses and the assurance of services quality as well. "Fast and quality Internet is the essential attribute of modern man. It not only helps to be orientated in huge flows of information, but also to use them in various devices with Internet access.”