A unique research complex in Eastern Europe

Early next year, at the latest, a unique biopharmaceutical research center of biotechnology company Biotechpharma will be fully operational in Lithuania. The center is expected to service companies from the United States and Western Europe.

Biotechparma Chairman of the Board Valdas Bumelis said to “Business News, “There are centers like this in the world and Europe, but our advantage is the experience Lithuania has in biotechnology industry, reputation of our own scientists, reliability and quality of service.

In addition, we will be the only ones in Eastern Europe who will not only do research, but also will provide on-demand production in the framework of good practice. On the other hand, our salaries are about 3.5 times lower than, for example, in Germany. However, we should not be “primitives” and service our clients 3.5 times cheaper, but the lower price is one of our competitive advantages.” The new research center will allow the company’s customers from Western Europe and the United States to book desired research studies and protein production services.

“This is a new strategy. I really do not mind the actual production in Lithuania, but in this case we sell the intellect – knowledge and technologies that clients will be able to translate to their own bottles and syringes,” said V. Bumelis.